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Re: FTP Installation & Package Naming Conventions

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Alexander S A Kjeldaas wrote:

> Which would give the following regexp:
>  ^(.*)-([^-]*)-([^-]+).deb$

Actually I'd like to include architecture and executable type in there too
for the binary packages: 

emacs-19.30-2@i386-elf.deb   - flatform specific
emacs-19.30-2@i386-aout.deb            ""
emacs-19.30-2@alpha.deb                ""
emacs-el-19.30-2             - not platform specific
manpages-1.8-1                         ""


The fourth part of the name should be an 'architecture' which doesn't 
need to be specified further for most applications. 

For starters I'd suggest the following architectures:


I'm not sure how the responsible for the different packages will look like
when debian will be available on architectures they don't have access to,
but if we will stay with the one-maintainer-one-package system I think
it'd be an idea to split the revision number into a major and an
architecture-specific version. 


emacs-19.30-2@i386-elf-1.deb, or

regexp (for the first way of writing): 
  \1 - package name
  \2 - package version
  \3 - package revision
  \5 - binary architecture
  \7 - binary revision
  This regexp might be easier to read without unnessecary junk: 

For the source


should be enough..

What do you say?


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