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Re: Problems with Majordomo


It's actually a bug in the smail package.  Add the following

     # aliasinclude - expand ":include:filename" addresses
     #    produced by alias files
          driver = aliasinclude,   # use this special-case driver
          nobody;                  # associate nobody user with addresses
                                   #  when mild permission violations
                                   #  are encountered

          copysecure,              # get permissions from alias director
          copyowners               # get owners from alias director

to your /etc/smail/directors; see /usr/doc/smail-admin-guide for more

When smail gets fixed, I can make Majordomo depend on having the fixed
version of smail present.

Alternatively, I could have the Majordomo postinst check for the
presence of an aliasinclude director and either tell the administrator
to add one, or (more radically) add one itself.

josie@[] writes:
>	I've been trying to get majordomo to work, without much success.  
>I have the most recent package that's part of 0.93R6, and almost 
>eveything is functioning except the mailing lists themselves.
>	I configured a list according to the guideline called users.  
>Using mail to majordomo, I added members to the list, and majordomo 
>recorded the additions properly and sent mail to me and each member of 
>the list confirming that they were on the list.  
>	However when I go to send mail to the list I get a mail error:
>	no valid recipients were found for this message
>	:include: /var/lib/majordomo/lists/users ... failed: unknown user
>	my aliases file includes the line:
>	users: :include: /var/lib/majordomo/lists/users
>	which I understand to be the correct syntax.  I've tried changing 
>the blank spaces in the aliases file, to not much effect, and checked and 
>rechecked the file permisions on the files.  It seems to me that 
>majordomo is working fine, but that smail or the aliases file is where 
>the problem is.  Still, I can't figure out where the problem is.
>	I appreciate any advice anyone has.
>	Solidarity and Autonomy
>	josie

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