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Re: Has anyone had this happen before?

Tracy Phillips <rbstorie@msuvx2.memphis.edu> wrote:
> I have installed X Windows and my mouse has a mind of its own.  X 
> starts fine but when i move my mouse it zips across the screen at an 
> incrediable Mach 5 at least.  I have a microsoft compatable mouse  
> and my graphics card is a Diamond Stealth 64 SE and the server that i 
> am using is S3.  I can install Linux universe by unifix and 
> everything works o.k.  I have even tried using the exact same 
> XF86Config file from linux universe and and the mouse does the same 
> thing.  Any suggestions?

I have had a similar problem, but have not got round to reporting it
before. The mouse is fine for down-right movements, but other
directions zip off to the edge of the screen. I get the problem with
both X and gpm. I did a hexdump on /dev/mouse. When I moved the mouse
down-right, the bytes come in groups of three. In other directions,
they are in groups of two, and three. I did the same tests on a
different machine, and got groups of three all the time. (Same mouse,
different hardware. Mouse works fine.)

The problem computer is a "Swift" PCI machine, with two 16550A serial
ports (as reported by setserial). I'm using a self compiled kernel,
(1.2.13), but had the same trouble with the distributed kernel. I've
got Debian 0.93R6 installed. I hope some of this means something to
someone. :)

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