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dead keys and X11

I have successfully installed Debian Linux but a small problem remains. It may
be related to the compose problem for which I haven't seen an answer.

When using the X windows system, dead keys don't work... well applications
receive an event like dead_acute and have to handle them. With Emacs, that
is not a big problem, but I can't do it for xterms... It would not be annoying
if the tilde (~) wasn't a dead key on my keyboard.

For now, I've remapped the dead_tilde (I'm not sure of the name, it may be
dead_asciitilde) to the tilde character with xmodmap, but it is a work around
which is against all my automatisms :(

So if somebody could help me, I would be gratefull.
If other people have the problem and are interested with my solution for
Emacs, I could mail them my site-start.el

On a related matter, I've modified the be-latin1-map to correct some annoying
errors and add the handling of more meta symbols (yes, I use Emacs a lot). If
someone is interrested, I could mail it.

 Jean-Marc Bourguet                      Service d'Electronique
                                         Faculte polytechnique de Mons
 Email : bourguet@muelec.fpms.ac.be      Belgique

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