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Installation Using SLIP

I've been unsuccessful in installing Debian 0.93R6 onto my home 
PC using an NFS mount over a SLIP connection at work here. This is
where I am at:

1) Base installation and boot is OK.
2) NFS mount of debian tree over SLIP is OK.
3) Selecting packages using 'dselect' is OK.

When I proceed with the installation of the selected packages,
infrequent transmission errors, CRC failures etc. occur and dpkg is
unable to recover, leaving everything in a half-baked state that I
have been unable to fix. Is there a more robust version of dpkg that
can do this reliably (ie. go and get the files that don't transfer
properly) ?

My hard drive is only 128MB, so I can't ftp everything over first and
then install locally. 

I really don't want to install from floppies.

I have access to a laptop that I could borrow - is it possible to due
an installation from the laptop to my PC using the serial ports ?

Thanks for any help! (Sorry for the length of this post...)


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