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multiple network interfaces (was: Re: Token Ring support under Debian/Linux?)

David Engel wrote:
> BTW, I sent Peter Tobias a suggestion some weeks ago on how to better
> support multiple- and non-ethernet network interfaces but he never
> responded.

Oops? I sent you a reply! Anyway, the /etc/init.d/network script
belongs to the sysvinit package (it'll be created during the basedisk
installation procedure) so I can't change it. A really nice way to
support multiple network interfaces would be to add files like
/etc/init.d/network.eth0 or /etc/init.d/network.sl0. The main
/etc/init.d/network file could call them with additional options
(e.g. up, down, route) to set up the devices and routing tables.


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