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Re: Token Ring support under Debian/Linux?

> A local user would like to install Debian on his system, but he's on a 
> Token Ring network. I've read the Network How-To, and I'd like to know if 
> anyone here has any expirience working with Token Ring under Debian (or 
> Linux, but Debian's better ;) 

I have ethernet and token-ring running on one of our machines here.

The biggest problem you'll have is getting a kernel with token-ring
support.  I don't know if Bruce Peren's 1.3.x kernels have it enabled
or not.  If not, you'll have to build one yourself on another Linux
machine.  I'm currently running 1.3.32 on that machine.

After you have built a token-ring kernel, install the base Debian
system normally and let it think you have an ethernet interface.
Next, boot the base system, ignoring any network-related errors, and
change the "eth0" in /etc/init.d/network to "tr0".  Finally, install
and reboot with the token-ring kernel.  You should then be able to do
the rest of the installation over the network or from floppy or
however you like.

BTW, I sent Peter Tobias a suggestion some weeks ago on how to better
support multiple- and non-ethernet network interfaces but he never

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