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Re: DHCP -- can anyone help?

Actually, I need a DHCP client, not a server.  It's nice to know that I 
could implement a server the way you described, but that doesn't help me 
too much on the client side (I don't think).

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>From debian-user@Pixar.com, on 11/15/95 12:57 AM:
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Hello Matt_Hamilton@bangate.compaq.com!

}my loopback device, but not anything else.  The problem is that our tcp/ip 
}system has been changed to use DHCP now, so I don't think my old static IP 
}addresses for myself and the gateway are valid anymore.  Does anyone know 
}how I can set up my system to make use of DHCP?  I'm not sure exactly how 
}it works because windoze95 tends to hide things from you -- all I do for 
}is click a DHCP radio button in the tcp/ip setup; so I'm pretty ignorant 
}what it's actually doing.  I do know (I think) that there's a DHCP server 
}somewhere that dynamically assigns IP addresses to it's clients -- I'm 
}assuming that's the way it works anyway.  Anyone have any ideas?

If I understand correctly what you mean than you want to have a DHCP
server for Linux, right?

This is only a little problem. A few days ago the one and only win95
machine in our network joined it. Unfortunately a friend was quite
correct and win95 doesn't support good'ol BOOTP, but DHCP (Dynamic
Host Configuration Protocol, described in RFC 1533).

Unfortunately (again) this stupid system was not willing to accept any
of my attempts to define a nameserver (it stored other fields, but not
this one). So what could one do if loosedows won't work? Correct, try
to work on the other end -- Unix.

DHCP is "only" an extension to BOOTP, so mainly you need a BOOTP
server. This was already running on the server, so I grabbed through
the internet and found a dhcp-patch.

Now my bootpd is also a little dhcpd (only basics are supported, but
that's enough). The win95 machine now has a nameserver set. :-))

I have modified the bootpd+dhcp and sent the patch to Peter Tobias. I
don't know if he's willing to include them or not. If anyone wants to
receive my stuff drop me a line. It's based on bootpd-2.4.3.



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