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Re: oopps

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995, Thomas Kocourek wrote:

> Alright guys, who's responsible for the following mess.... 8-)
>    I tried a 90% install of Debian 0.93 R6, All went well until I got to
> the TEX section. Most of it refused to install. Seems that those packages
> depended upon a package called "metafont". Only problem is that "metafont"
> was moved into the "mfbin" package and a bunch of packages weren't told
> this little, but vital, piece of info. Hummm.... perhaps a stable release
> isn't such a bad idea.
But the mfbin package 'Provides' metafont. Did you have an older already 
installed mfbin package on your system? In this case it is a well known 
(but not yet corrected) bug and could be worked around by removing all 
tex packages and reeinstall them.


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