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Re: terminal problems with emacs

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Kettlewell <richard@sfere.elmail.co.uk> writes:

    Richard> Matthew Swift writes:

    >> The problem is I can't use ange-ftp because the terminal
    >> process is screwy and can't be parsed properly.

    Richard> To work around the problem, set the variable
    Richard> ange-ftp-ftp-program-name to "dumbftp" and create a
    Richard> program called dumbftp somewhere in your path...

    Richard> #!/bin/sh
             unset TERM
             ftp "$@"

    Richard> I don't
    Richard> know if the bug is present in the latest Emacs.

Apparently it is, because your fix worked very nicely, thank you!
Please mail me off line whether you think this is a bug in ftp or
emacs or both, and I'll send a bug report.

    Richard> IME the presence of the messages doesn't seem to stop
    Richard> anything working.

Yes, it still seems to work fine for me too, but in that case the
stray error messages are a bug, and I'll report it.


For all I know, these could be configuration bugs in the Debian
packages or bugs in the upstream sources -- I supopse I will report
them to both Debian and the upstream maintainers.  Is that the right
thing to do?

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