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Re: 3c509 loadable module - arguments ?

Winfried Truemper writes ("Re: 3c509 loadable module - arguments ?"):
> The man-page of "insmod" says:
>   insmod [ -fkmsxv ] [ -o internal_name ] object_file [ symbol=value ]
> where 
>   symbol=value[,value] ...
>     The  values  of  all  integer or character pointer
>     symbols in the module can be changed at  load-time
>     by naming a symbol and giving the new value(s).
>     [ deleted the rest - WT ]

Thanks, yes, I saw that.  I didn't have the list of command line
arguments &c to hand, so I tried
 insmod 3c509.o irq=15
and insmod dumped core.  At that point I gave up trying that approach,
thinking that this symbol=value was some kind of internal debugging
feature - it sounded like it from the manpage.

> We should allow those options in /etc/modules.

Quite.  And insmod should not dump core if you get it wrong ...


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