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Re: 3c509 loadable module - arguments ?

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> (a) Can I pass command line arguments to the 3c509 module, so that I
> can tell it to use a different IRQ ?  (I know that I could do this if
> the driver were compiled into the kernel image, but it isn't in
> Debian's kernel.)

The man-page of "insmod" says:

  insmod [ -fkmsxv ] [ -o internal_name ] object_file [ symbol=value ]


  symbol=value[,value] ...
    The  values  of  all  integer or character pointer
    symbols in the module can be changed at  load-time
    by naming a symbol and giving the new value(s).
    [ deleted the rest - WT ]

For example, if I want the module "mcdx" to reconize my Mitsumi CD-ROM 
drive, I give the command "insmod  mcdx  mcdx=0x300,10". 
It's equivalent to say "linux mcdx=0x300,10" at the lilo prompt with the
mcdx-driver compiled into the kernel.

For the 3c509 card, I would a syntax like: "ether=eth0,15,0x300"

We should allow those options in /etc/modules.


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