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Idea for automatic update of modules...

Here's an idea for y'all. Apologies if this has already been
thought of/discussed/voted down...

What if Debian had a utility that you could run that would
connect to one of the machines at debian.org or wherever and check 
the version numbers of all of the packages installed on the user's
system. For example:

/home/someuser> vercheck debian.org
Connecting to debain.org ... Connected!
"smail" - Your ver: "", current ver: ""
  Get it? n
"netbase" - Your ver: "1.19-2", current ver: "1.20-1"
  Get it? y
  Downloading ....................
  Saved as /tmp/netbase-1.20-1.deb
"pppd" - Your ver: "2.1", current ver: "2.2-1"
  Get it? n

etc, etc...

I could write something like this (both the server and the
client end), but you guys might want to give this to someone
who's more of a coding god.

Does this seem like something of value, or no? I know it would be 
REALLY nice for an end user like myself...  always trying to keep my 
packages current. Hell, you could even have the utility optionally 
run dpkg on the packages after it downloads them.

- Joe

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