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Re: smail confusion

James A. Robinson writes ("Re: smail confusion"):
> [ someone wrote: ]
> > I've been thinking of sending this in as a bug.  If anyone has any clues
> > about this problem, I'm sure we'd both be grateful.
> Yup.  Now in the smail(5) manpage, it says that "defnames" does what I
> need.  Since it is a boolean, you don't give it an argument, and I
> assume it simply looks up it's own domain -- and hostname -d shows the
> right thing.  Since the attribute is in there (put in automagically by
> Ian's script) I am at a loss.
>        defnames
>               type: boolean
>               This  boolean  attribute  is  passed  to  the  BIND
>               resolve routines as the RES_DEFNAMES flag.  If set,
>               then  hostnames which do not contain dots will have
>               a default domain appended to them  before  lookups.
>               For  example, this allows for hosts on a local area
>               network to be referenced using the basename of  the
>               host rather than requiring the full domain name.

Hmm.  Can you try adding

              type: boolean
              If set allow the resolver to search its domain list
              for  matches.  This experimental and might not have
              the effect you expect depending  on  your  resolver
              search capabilities.

to your bind router and see what the effect is ?

If you could try it with all of
 -defnames, -dns_search
 -defnames, +dns_search
 +defnames, -dns_search
 +defnames, +dns_search
that would be excellent ...


If none of this helps I shall go grobbling around in the source to see
what I can find.


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