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Re: smail confusion

> I've had the same problem.  I sent mail to debian-user about a week ago, an
> no one but Ian (Jackson?) gave me any response.  It wasn't too useful.  I've

I assume that you do have a nameserver running?

> Try deleting this file.  I've found that without /etc/smail/routers, smail
> can correctly get the addresses of the hosts.  I don't know enough about

Well, I'm not too into blindly deleting files. :)

> I've been thinking of sending this in as a bug.  If anyone has any clues
> about this problem, I'm sure we'd both be grateful.

Yup.  Now in the smail(5) manpage, it says that "defnames" does what I
need.  Since it is a boolean, you don't give it an argument, and I
assume it simply looks up it's own domain -- and hostname -d shows the
right thing.  Since the attribute is in there (put in automagically by
Ian's script) I am at a loss.

              type: boolean
              This  boolean  attribute  is  passed  to  the  BIND
              resolve routines as the RES_DEFNAMES flag.  If set,
              then  hostnames which do not contain dots will have
              a default domain appended to them  before  lookups.
              For  example, this allows for hosts on a local area
              network to be referenced using the basename of  the
              host rather than requiring the full domain name.

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