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Re: smail confusion

> > I assume that you do have a nameserver running?
> Without one, how could I find the address for anyone?  Actually, there are
> several name-servers around.  I have 3 of them listed in my /etc/resolv.conf.

Well, there could have been hosts listed in /etc/hosts.  I think Ian
was trying to cover the most obvious reason the problem could have

> > Well, I'm not too into blindly deleting files. :)
> I didn't mean _delete_ it; sorry, I was being facetious.  Try renaming it

No, I apologize.  I was just joking around.  You are quite correct,
removing the routers file solved the problem.  Now, I think we need to
figure out what could have caused the problem within the routers
files. Smail claims it matchs inet_hosts for routing, do you think
that the "default" configuration for inet_hosts within smail works


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