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Re: smail confusion

> > I've had the same problem.  I sent mail to debian-user about a week ago, an
> > no one but Ian (Jackson?) gave me any response.  It wasn't too useful.  I've
> I assume that you do have a nameserver running?
Without one, how could I find the address for anyone?  Actually, there are
several name-servers around.  I have 3 of them listed in my /etc/resolv.conf.

> > Try deleting this file.  I've found that without /etc/smail/routers, smail
> > can correctly get the addresses of the hosts.  I don't know enough about
> Well, I'm not too into blindly deleting files. :)
I didn't mean _delete_ it; sorry, I was being facetious.  Try renaming it
temporarily, and checking '-require_configs'.  If you have lots of problems,
it wouldn't be difficult to rename the files to the original status, or
run 'smailconfig --force' to have smail set up the defaults for you again.

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