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how about a little help, please

    I've installed the inn.deb, uucp.deb, and associated packages in order
to establish a "UUCP" node under LINUX. A fustrating aspect for me is the
lack of example support files while I attempt to finish the configuration.
The "dpkg --configure --auto" command seems to have worked fine, but the
startup screen shows a line about missing files for "inn". I started a
search through the indicated files via "more" and multiple console ttys and
am amazed by the vast number of files indicated in those startup files.
This experience leads me to believe that there are a number of
system-specific support files that need to be created in order to get
inn/uucp up and running. Problem is that I have absolutely no clue as to
the contents of these files, their internal fields, etc. It would have
been very nice if the maintainers of those packages had included dummy
example files. At least I would have a chance of figuring out
the configuration on my own 8-) 
    Now before someone zips off a quicky reply and tell me that I _need_ to
buy various books, I would like to point out 1) that I don't intend to become
a UNIX guru, 2) generic books don't cover the fine points of Debian
Linux. I have no idea what options have been compiled into a package and
have no desire to re-work a package if I can avoid it.
    Anyhow, I'm not currently subscribed to this list, although I'm trying
to remedy the situation. If someone on this list wouldn't mind helping a
neophyte get off of MSDOS UUCP and into LINUX, I would appreciate a clue
or two as to what needs to be done to finish configuration of inn and
uucp. Thanks!    P.S. I've Debian 0.93R5
* Thomas Kocourek      KD4CIK        *
* UUCP: dragon!westgac3!tomk         *
* INTERNET: tomk@westgac3.dragon.com *

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