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Linux -- OSF/Motif

Negib Sherif writes:

> telling me that the Motif requires Linux version 0.99 or higher. The only
> version of Linux that I know so far is version 0.91......

There are many newbies who are confused about Linux versions so 
don't feel bad.  The debian release 0.91 refers to the version number 
of the distribution, as does Slackware 1.12 and SLS 1.05.

The version number of the distribution has nothing to do with the 
kernel version of Linux that is included in the distribution.

All the Linux distributions are now distributing Linux that is 
v0.99 or higher so you will not have to worry about this (not sure 
what Debian is at, just joined the list recently), Slackware is 
distributing v1.0, SLS is also distributing v1.0.

The current linux source code can be had from nic.funet.fi from 
directory /pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus/v1.0, there you will find 
patches (at least when I last checked) that take Linux up 1.08.

BTW, we have one Linux box here that we bought Motif for 
(also from Metro Link) and we had no problems installing it
(albeit it was on a Slackware distribution, Debian shouldn't 
be any different from what I can gather).


ps	I don't claim to be a Linux guru, quite the contrary I am 
	trying to learn as you are. Read the newsgroups if you can, 
	read the faq and the docs they are good starting points. I 
	have found that there are lots of people out there that are 
	very smart and are putting tremendous amounts of energy into 
	making things work.

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