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Re: disk division guide

Jeffrey Wescott says...
> >>>>> deisher@enws125.EAS.ASU.EDU (Michael E. Deisher) writes:
> >> We now use a really powerful algorithm to find the best possible
> >> arrangement of the packages.  No human could do better, trust us.
> > I just noticed something while trying to copy the 0.91 packages onto
> > 1.44M disks using Dan's *optimal* scheme.  Under Linux, df shows that
> > a blank 1.44M floppy has 1423K free.  So, under Linux, there is not
> > enough room fill the util 2 disk using Dan's scheme (it requires
> > 1446K).  Is it possible to fit the files on one disk using the Linux
> > msdos file system?
> > BTW, MS-DOS chkdsk reports that a blank 1.44M floppy has 1457664 bytes
> > free, so perhaps it is possible using (shudder) DOS.
> Well, I guess we goofed ... (sorta).  Our optimal scheme assumes that
> people use MS-DOS disks.  We will have to change that for the future.
> Actually, we can probably run the program again and repost the
> "optimal" scheme for non-MS-DOS disks.  We apologize.
Don't for get that just because a file is 1000 bytes long, it still takes up
1024 bytes of disk space.  This is true with MS-DOS or Minix disks.  But
MS-Dos does not have a way to display this stuff.  where df and du tell all
under unix. use du -a to see how much room the files actually take and df to
see how much is really there...

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