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Re: symlinks in /dev

On Jan 31,  6:40am, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> that belongs in /dev by default or that should be introduced to new
> UNIX users -- with responsible use, they are not a problem.  Sure,
> symlinking /dev/mouse to the wrong /dev/cua? is no big deal.  What
> about /dev/swap to /dev/hda2 when hda2 is your /usr partition?

Surely, if a link  (whatever type) is set up automatically (well after asking
the user which COM port it is on) by the installations script and there is a
small shell script (change_mouse) which allows the novice user to change it
when the system is running normally, I don't see the problem with a /dev/mouse
- in fact I can see advantages for programs looking for a mouse, they don't
have to check all the serial ports for a mouse (how do you do that anyway ?),
but can look for /dev/mouse as a default, and the novice user need not have to
know about hard/symbolic links at all (for a while anyway).


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