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Contact me immediately.

If you did not receive my previous correspondence, I am sending again.


A deceased client of Deans Court Chambers, whom I am legal executor of his 
Last Will and Testaments, has your name listed as relation/beneficiary. 
Since I have recently been elevated to the position of Justice in Queen's 
Bench Division, I am expected to assist with unclosed case files including 
transfer inheritance rights to you. Hence I got your information and 
contacted you.

For us to achieve this, you will provide necessary identification and contact 
details to enable us process you to stand as apparent heir since you are 
already listed. Note that the British Law allows us to process this claim in 
your name whether you are actually related to our client or not.

All information regarding the inheritance and process of claims shall be 
disclosed to you as soon as you indicate your consent and register for the 
case with the firm.

Thank you.

Mark Turner QC
Justice at Queen's Bench Div
Head of Chambers
Deans Court Chambers
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-7092884838

This communication may contain any discussion of legal matters, hence
should be taken as an authoritative interpretation of the law.

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