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Jag kör en nfs-server på debian och nu har ett problem dykt upp:
hur jag än gör blir mitt uid på klienterna 4294967294
Jag har följt alla instruktioner jag hittat om /etc/idmapd.conf respektive /etc/nsswitch.conf utan resultat. Var ska jag leta, optioner till mount på klienterna, rättigheter på /var/lib/nfs eller?

Hälsningar Fredrik



/srv/nfs4 klient1(rw,sync,insecure,fsid=0,no_subtree_check) klient2(rw,sync,insecure,no_subtree_check,fsid=0) /srv/nfs4/data klient1(rw,sync,insecure,no_subtree_check) klient2(rw,sync,insecure,no_subtree_check)


# If you do not set values for the NEED_ options, they will be attempted
# autodetected; this should be sufficient for most people. Valid alternatives
# for the NEED_ options are "yes" and "no".

# Do you want to start the statd daemon? It is not needed for NFSv4.

# Options for rpc.statd.
#   Should rpc.statd listen on a specific port? This is especially useful
#   when you have a port-based firewall. To use a fixed port, set this
# this variable to a statd argument like: "--port 4000 --outgoing-port 4001". # For more information, see rpc.statd(8) or http://wiki.debian.org/?SecuringNFS

# Do you want to start the idmapd daemon? It is only needed for NFSv4.

# Do you want to start the gssd daemon? It is required for Kerberos mounts.


# Number of servers to start up

# Runtime priority of server (see nice(1))

# Options for rpc.mountd.
# If you have a port-based firewall, you might want to set up
# a fixed port here using the --port option. For more information,
# see rpc.mountd(8) or http://wiki.debian.org/?SecuringNFS

# Do you want to start the svcgssd daemon? It is only required for Kerberos
# exports. Valid alternatives are "yes" and "no"; the default is "no".

# Options for rpc.svcgssd.

# /etc/nsswitch.conf
# Example configuration of GNU Name Service Switch functionality.
# If you have the `glibc-doc-reference' and `info' packages installed, try:
# `info libc "Name Service Switch"' for information about this file.

passwd:         files
group:          files
shadow:         files
hosts:          dns files
networks:       files
protocols:      files
services:       files
ethers:         files
rpc:            files
netgroup:       files

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