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Re: gpm/wmaker en potato

> On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 10:16:04AM +0000, Alberto F. Hamilton Castro wrote:
> >   1) si tengo activo el gpm en la consola no me funciona el raton en las
> > X. Estoy usando el XF86_FBdev (servidor X sobre framebuffer).

Hola ,

Quizas te sirva lanzar el gpm con la opcion -R

       -R     Causes gpm to act as a  repeater:  any  mouse  data
              received  while in graphic mode will be produced on
              the fifo  /dev/gpmdata  in  mouse-system  protocol.
              This  means  that you can configure the X server to
              use that fifo as a mouse  device.  This  option  is
              useful for bus-mouse owners to override the single-
              open limitation. It is also an easy way  to  manage
              those stupid dual-mode mice which force you to keep
              the middle button down while changing  video  mode.
              The option is forced on by the -M option.
       The  gpm  server  may have problems interacting with X: if
       your mouse is a single-open device (i.e. a bus mouse), you
       should  kill  gpm  before  starting  X,  or use the ``-R''
       option (see above).  To kill gpm just invoke gpm -k.  This
       problem doesn't apply to serial mice.


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