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Re: Sendmail dice NO, Fetchmail flipa y corta, y yo me j*d*, :-(

El Fri, Sep 03, 1999,
Roberto Suarez Soto...

> > <snn@ezinedistribution.com>... Sender domain must resolve^M
>       ¿Tienes la  línea FEATURE(accept_unresolvable_domains)
>       en  tu  fichero .mc?  :-m  Eso  debería arreglar  este
>       problema.

Vale,  he   rehecho  el   `sendmail.cf'  con  esta   línea  en
el  `mc'. Para   el  curioso/a  aquí  está   un  extracto  del

      Normally, MAIL  FROM: commands in the  SMTP session will
      be  refused if  the host  part of  the argument  to MAIL
      FROM:  cannot  be  located  in  the  host  name  service
      (e.g., DNS).  If you are inside a firewall that has only
      a limited  view of  the Internet  host name  space, this
      could cause problems.  In this case you probably want to
      use this feature to accept all domains on input, even if
      they are unresolvable.


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