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Dudas /etc/resolv.conf

 The following lines specify one or more IP addresses of your
 domain name servers.  These should be the DNS machines at your ISP.
 A sysadmin that I know also suggested that you put
 as your first nameserver.  This will cause your local DNS to
 use your local `named' daemon to be consulted first, and this
 can speed up DNS accesses, since the local daemon can cache
 previously-found domain names locally, which is faster than
 your computer having to contact your ISP's DNS all the time."

Opiniones respecto a esto?
Viable en Debian?
Requiere alguna configuración previa?
Partimos de que mi configuración de los servicios de internet es casi
calcada al Infovía-Howto (me resisto a ponerlo con b).
Un saludo
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