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Re: [wakkerma@wiggy.ml.org: Re: Debian NIS = SunOs crash ? (FWD'd)]


Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:

> Tiene esto que ver con el problema que alguien más había reportado con SunOS
> (lo que me preocupa ahora es que acá pidieron Solaris/x86...)
>                                         Marcelo
> The default NIS configuration (not only for Debian by the way) uses
> a broadcast to look for a NIS server. This is easy for users: they
> don't have to enter the name of a NIS server. And it's nice for the
> admins: of one NIS servers fails and you have a second server in the
> subnet it will be used automatically.

Yo mencioné un problema con SunOS 5.5, pero era con NFS, no con NIS.


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