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Re: LSB e Debian

	Ta rolando um quebra pau na debian-user e devel sobre a LSB, nao so
com relacao ao RPM mas sobre runlevels que esta lotando minha mbox. ;)
	Ate o Alan Cox e Teodore Tso se meteram!
	Um abraço,		PH
Em Fri, 6 Jul 2001 08:45:07 -0300, Andre Luis Lopes
<andrelop@ig.com.br> escreveu:

> Retirado de http://lwn.net em 06 de Julho de 2001 :
> <cortado>
> "There has been a bit of grumbling from some Debian developers,
> mostly over 
> the fact that the LSB specifies the RPM package format as the
> standard for 
> application distribution. Debian, of course, does not use RPM.
> Complaints, 
> however, are both late and unfounded. The decision to go with RPM
> was made 
> back at the beginning, over three years ago. It does not require
> compliant 
> systems to use RPM as their native package format; it is sufficient
> that 
> RPM-packaged, LSB-compliant applications be installable. And, in
> this 
> context, "RPM" does not mean the moving target that is Red Hat's
> current 
> format; it is, instead, specified as a subset of the older, version
> 3 format 
> as documented in Maximum RPM. The Debian alien tool should be more
> than up to 
> the task."
> <cortado>
>    Comentários ?
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