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Re: debian sarge update mysql z 4.0.2 do 4.1

W dniu 10 sierpnia 2009 21:52 użytkownik Aleksander Kurczyk <pingxd@gmail.com> napisał:
ale robiłem aktualizacje etch do lennego (apache+php+mysql) i poszło bez problemów.

well, ja czytam na http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/4.1/en/upgrade.html przeżycia gościa podnoszącego mysql z 5.0 do 5.1

(...) -- Now the fatal part: Embarked on reinstating MYSQL-python, dovecot, php-mysql and perl-DBD-MySQL. Yum says all are dependent on "mysql" 5.0.45 . After finding no guidance on this, I let yum proceed... whereupon yum promptly UNinstalled 5.1 community client AND server (with no prompt or warning).

Bottom line: the final sentence of this article "It's a good idea to rebuild and reinstall [Perl, PHP and Python modules]. "Good idea"???? You can't proceed unless you uninstall them, and then where are the replacements that are compatible? I realize that it's not the job of mysql to provide them, but if upgrading MySQL results in no Perl, Python or PHP to interact with it, perhaps something more helpful could be mentioned here.(...)

i jestem co najmniej niespokojny.

Paweł Bogaczewicz
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