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Re: KDE "sauber" nicht starten

Am Mo, 02. Apr 2012 um 00:06:08 +0200 schrieb wirkzeit Design & Technologie:
> Wenn ich den Symbolischen link in /etc/rc3.d/S21kdm lösche,

Keine gute Idee. Gelöschte Links werden beim nächsten Update einfach
wieder hergestellt.

,----[ man update-rc.d ]-
| A  common  system  administration error is to delete the links with the
| thought that this will "disable" the service, i.e., that this will pre‐
| vent  the  service from being started.  However, if all links have been
| deleted then the next time  the  package  is  upgraded,  the  package's
| postinst  script  will  run  update-rc.d  again and this will reinstall
| links at their factory default locations.  The correct way  to  disable
| services  is  to  configure  the service as stopped in all runlevels in
| which it is started by default.  In the System V init system this means
| renaming the service's symbolic links from S to K.

Du kannst per Hand umbenennen, aber das:

# update-rc.d kdm disable
# update-rc.d kdm defaults

geht schneller. ;)

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