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Re: Configuring a US keyboard with umlauts in sid (hal etc?)


Am Don, 26 Nov 2009, Frank Küster schrieb:
>And in wdm's login screen, AltGr-a gives á, not ä, and I need AltGr-q
>for ä. Well, I don't think I'll ever use login names with non-ASCII
>characters, so I don't care about that.

Try xmodmap! I've extended the US-Layout quite a bit myself[1]. Have a
look at an (oldish) http://dhaller.de/linux/Xmodmap_105_us_dh.tar.gz
for ideas. I'll mail you my current (Xorg 7.x adapted) map if you
ask. I've since tuned it a bit and had to adapt it a bit to xorg and
such ...

And I've also got a keymap for the console (for kdb-1.0x / Kernel

BTW: what slows me down most when not having my keymap is not having
ESC on the Caps key ;) Then having to use the DE-Layout (which is
broken by design, IMO). Then not having Umlauts etc. via Mode_switch
on an US Layout (well, depends if and how Compose is defined ;).
Anyway, I usually can and do use the plain US-Layout without much
thinking, except the ESC-not-on-Caps brain-glitch :)


[1] under the most recent xorg, I had to adapt a bunch of keycodes and
    have problems with the "menu" key (I want that as Meta_R, the
    Win-keys as Mode_switch / ISO_lvl3 / AltGr and both Alt as ALT),
    no luck yet).

                      "The only "intuitive" interface is the nipple.
                                      After that, it's all learned."
                                    -- Bruce Ediger on X interfaces.

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