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Re: debian, probleme beim start, sporadisch

* Christian Knorr <ChristianKnorr@gmx.de> wrote:
> Am Mittwoch 16 Januar 2008 15:23:40 schrieb Jens Schüßler:
> > > *aptitude safe-upgrade *
> > Weil es das ja beim aptitude in etch auch schon gibt.....
> ... und ich dachte ich hätte was verpasst ;-)
> Was ist das denn, wenn es das in etch geben würde?
> Irgendwann kommt das ja bestimmt.

,----[ man aptitude ]-
| safe-upgrade
| Upgrades installed packages to their most recent version. Installed
| packages will not be removed unless they are unused (see the
| section "Managing Automatically Installed Packages" in the aptitude
| reference manual). Packages which are not currently installed may
| be installed to resolve dependencies unless the --no-new-installs
| command-line option is supplied.
| It is sometimes necessary to remove one package in order to upgrade
| another; this command is not able to upgrade packages in such
| situations. Use the full-upgrade command to upgrade as many
| packages as possible.
| full-upgrade
| Upgrades installed packages to their most recent version, removing
| or installing packages as necessary. This command is less
| conservative than safe-upgrade and thus more likely to perform
| unwanted actions. However, it is capable of upgrading packages that
| safe-upgrade cannot upgrade.
| Note
| This command was originally named dist-upgrade for historical
| reasons, and aptitude still recognizes dist-upgrade as a synonym
| for full-upgrade.

Eigentlich nur andere Bezeichnungen für 'upgrade' und 'dist-upgrade'.

Jen und 'dist-upgrade'.


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