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Re: Frage zu Speicherorten?

Tobias Nissen wrote:

> Hallo Peter!
> Peter Jordan wrote:
> [...]
>> Wo würde ich zB am sinnvollsten, wenn ich die Dateien für alle Nutzer
>> des Systems verfügbar machen will (sonst wäre wohl home der richtige
>> Platz), mp3-, Video- oder Foto-Dateien ablegen?
> Ich würde dafür /usr/local/share/(mp3|video|images)/ oder so nehmen.

würde ich eher nicht machen:

(ich will wirklich nicht mit standards klugscheissen, aber diese leute haben
sich dabei echt was gedacht und es erleichtert vor allem die Verwaltung da
man nicht alles nochmal dokumentieren muss wo was liegt sondern sich
einfach eine Kopie des aktuellen FHS am rechner hält und so jederzeit
nachschauen kann wo das Zeug zu finden sein sollte.

auszug anbei:

,----[ /usr/local/share ]
| The requirements for the contents of this directory are the same
| as /usr/share. The only additional constraint is that /usr/local/share/man
| and /usr/local/man directories must be synonomous (usually this means that
| one of them must be a symbolic link).   

,----[ /usr/share : Architecture-independent data ]
| Purpose
| The /usr/share hierarchy is for all read-only architecture independent
| data files. [30] 
| This hierarchy is intended to be shareable among all architecture
| platforms of a given OS; thus, for example, a site with i386, Alpha, and
| PPC platforms might maintain a single /usr/share directory that is 
| centrally-mounted. Note, however, that /usr/share is generally not
| intended to be shared by different OSes or by different releases of the 
| same OS.   
| Any program or package which contains or requires data that doesn't need
| to be modified should store that data in /usr/share (or /usr/local/share,
| if installed locally). It is recommended that a subdirectory be used
| in /usr/share for this purpose.   
| Game data stored in /usr/share/games must be purely static data. Any
| modifiable files, such as score files, game play logs, and so forth,
| should be placed in /var/games.  

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and are required to urinate publicly. Thank you.

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