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Re: Dateien von MacHFS auf Debian-Linux-System überspielen - wie?

Am Donnerstag 05 Mai 2005 00:02 schrieb Ludwig Maetzke:
> Bin für jeden Tip dankbar.

Wurde schon kio-mac erwähnt?

kio-mac, a KDE ioslave for mac OS hfs+ partitions
    Version 1.0 (KDE 3) 11 July 2002 - updated packages for KDE 3
    Version 1.0 19 February 2002 - small kludge for KDE 3, version 
number change
    Version 0.8 1 February 2002 - links, hidden files, bugfix and icon
    Version 0.7 26 Januery 2002 - supports mimetypes and more
    Version 0.6 24 Januery 2002 - supports dates and various bugfixes 
over 0.5
    A kioslave for macOS hfsplus partitions which lets you see your 
MacOS files using Konqueror.


Auszug README:
This kio slave lets you read an HFS+ partition from konqueror
or any other KDE file dialogue.  It uses hfsplus tools so you will
need these installed for it to work.
Just enter mac:/ into Konqueror and you should see the contents of
your MacOS partition.



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