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Re: Drittanbieter für Debianpakete für apt-get update

Moin Moin Michelle Konzack, *,

Michelle Konzack wrote on Feb 22, 2005 at 07:35PM +0100:
> Funktionieren die auch auf WOODY ?
Um mal apt-get.org zu zitieren 
"Openoffice.org woody backport (Added 2002-11-25, last checked
2005-01-17) (Download as text)  - maintained by debian-openoffice at
lists dot debian dot org
Official woody backports by the Debian Openoffice Team.
http://openoffice.debian.net/mirrors.html has the full list of
Packages: openoffice.org
Architectures: all, i386
deb http://ftp.freenet.de/pub/debian-openoffice/ woody main contrib

Rainer Bendig aka "ny"                           GnuPG-Key 0x41D44F10

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