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Thank You For Your Feedback

Thank you for providing your feedback regarding the beta firmware/software.
Your feedback will be reviewed by the Netgear engineering team for possible
inclusion into current and future releases.  Please be advised that you will
not be receiving further responses from betabugs@netgear.com
<mailto:betabugs@netgear.com> .  If additional information is requested,
someone will contact you directly.  You are encouraged to check the Support
website periodically for new versions of firmware and software.  
Please also note that betabugs@netgear.com <mailto:betabugs@netgear.com>
should not be used for any technical inquiries regarding current NETGEAR
shipping products.  For all technical or pre-sales inquiries, please email
support@netgear.com <mailto:support@netgear.com> , and include your NETGEAR
product model number as well as a brief description of your technical issue
or questions.  
Thank you again for your participation and valued contribution.  

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