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Re: impossible d'accéder à mon desktop en ssh

> > Est-ce qu'il faut rajouté les commandes autorisée
> > dans .ssh/authorized_keys par exemple ?
> D'après man sshd, oui :
> The options (if present) consist of comma-separated option
> specifications.  No spaces are permitted, except within double quotes.
> The following option specifications are supported (note that option
> keywords are case-insensitive):
> 	  command="command" Specifies that the command is executed whenever
> this key is used for authentication.  The command supplied by the user
> (if any) is ignored.  The command is run on a pty if the client requests
> a pty; otherwise it is run without a tty.  If an 8-bit clean channel is
> required, one must not request a pty or should specify no-pty.  A quote
> may be included in the command by quoting it with a backslash.  This
> option might be useful to restrict certain public keys to perform just a
> specific operation.  An example might be a key that permits remote
> backups but nothing else.  Note that the client may specify TCP and/or
> X11 forwarding unless they are explicitly prohibited.  The command
> originally supplied by the client is available in the
> SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND environment variable.  Note that this option
> applies to shell, command or subsystem execution.

Pour préciser, il faut quelque chose du genre :

from="",command="/usr/bin/ls" <public keydata>

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