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Debian mailing list archives problem


My name is Marc-Etienne XXXXXXXXXX. My name appears on three web pages of your web site (Debian Mailing list archives) in connexion with the following email address *XXX*@portesouvertes.fr. The first message of the thread can be found at the following page : 

This causes a problem for me as :
1 - a search on Google makes my name appear in connexion with the email address in the very first results, and this causes problems for me.
2 - I never wished to receive this email at that time,can be considered as spam.
3 - The guy who sent this did not hide the email addresses that received his message.
4- I thought this page would disappear with time but it is still on line.

I demand the removal of this thread (http://lists.debian.org/debian-user-french/2006/03/msg01866.html) with all the responses or at least the removal of all the email adresses before the message.

Thank you for your confirmation this will be done. If you need more information, please reply on this email address.



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