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Re: Debian et Java3D

Le Tue, 30 Jan 2007 22:14:15 +0100
pascal <pascalgosse@wanadoo.fr> a écrit:

> Gaëtan PERRIER a écrit :
> > Bonjour,
> > 
> > Existe-ce que des paquets Debian de Java contiennent Java3D?
> > 
> > Merci.
> > 
> > Gaëtan
> > 
> > 
> sur le site de looking glass :
> https://lg3d.dev.java.net/lg3d-getting-started.html
>  Project Looking Glass releases are available in a number of
> formats, including Debian .deb packages, binary mega bundles and
> Solaris packages. The binary mega-bundles and debian packages
> contain everything required to run lg3d (JRE, Java3D and LG3D) on
> an OS which has OpenGL installed.
> On Debian-based Linux distros (like Ubuntu) it is recommended that
> you use the debian (.deb) packages to install LG3D. On all other
> Linux distros and Solaris x86 the preferred way of downloading and
> installing LG3D is to use the mega bundles. The LG3D Mega-bundle
> installs everything you need to run LG3D, including the JRE and
> Java 3D. Although it is pretty big, it simplifies your installation
> process (so please bear with the download time!).
> Par contre apt-cache serch ne me renvoie pas grand chose (mais je
> suis ss amd64 et java n'est pas très 64 friendly)



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