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Re: Telechargement des mise à jour de securite

>On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, christo courrier wrote:
>> bonjour ,
>> pardon pour mon ignorance mais que signifient les options -q et -y dans
>> apt-get , merci

il faut lui apprendre à pêcher le poisson et pas lui pêcher à chaque fois
qu'il veut manger.

il faut faire un 'man apt-get'

>       -q
>       --quiet
>              Quiet;  produces output suitable for logging, omitting
>progress indicators.  More q's will pro-
>              duce more quiet up to a maximum of 2. You can also use -q=#
>to set the quiet level,  overriding
>              the configuration file.  Note that quiet level 2 implies -
>y, you should never use -qq without a
>              no-action modifier such as -d, --print-uris or -s as APT
>may decided to do  something  you  did
>              not expect.  Configuration Item: quiet.
>       -y
>       --yes
>       --assume-yes
>              Automatic yes to prompts; assume "yes" as answer to all
>prompts and run  non-interactively.  If
>              an  undesirable  situation,  such  as  changing a held
>package or removing an essential package
>              occurs then apt-get will abort.  Configuration Item:

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