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Re: Bug#606843: Bug#606840: Bug#606843: Installation-Report: English language with Finnish location, half of the keys stop working

reassign 606843 xkb-data
severity 606843 important

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):
> Hi again,
> debian-user-finnish@ added since I need some feedback on that
> fi-specific issue. Context: broken debian installer with Finnish
> keymap, see bugs #606840 and #606843.
> Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (12/12/2010):
> > I know nothing about fi for now, probably a xkb-data bug; will try to
> > look into what happened upstream since the version we're shipping.
> I know kung^Wabout fi now.
> One workaround:
>  - Stick to 'American English' instead of 'Finnish'.
>  - Validate that choice, you get 'setxkbmap us' or so.
>  - On the next prompts, select 'Go back' until the menu appears. At the
>    bottom of the menu, pick 'Execute a shell'.
>  - Run this command: 'setxkbmap fi'.
>  - Exit the terminal and go back to your installation process.
> The (probable) actual bug: Looking into /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/fi
> one can see that the section starting with “xkb_symbols "fi" {”,
> there's no "include" besides kpdl and level3, meaning no “basic”
> keys. So you only get the ones which are listed in that section. Which
> breaks “setxkbmap fi fi” so badly.
> AFAICT, adding “include latin(type2)” for example as the first line of
> this section makes it possible to get a working keyboard with
> “setxkbmap fi fi”. People may try editing this file from the shell
> (see above for instructions), with the “nano” editor (and then run
> “setxkbamp fi fi”), or in a non-debian-installer environment, to make
> sure it does what people may expect from it.
> This bug probably should be reassigned to xkb-data. An upload will
> follow as soon as I get feedback from fi-knowledgeable people.

Reassigning, then.

I think an upload is OK and is worth going into squeeze as all install
with the finnish keymap are badly broken by this bug.

Thanks for your analysis, Cyril.

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