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Re: Bug#606840: Bug#606843: Installation-Report: English language with Finnish location, half of the keys stop working


Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (12/12/2010):
> AFAICT, adding “include latin(type2)” for example as the first line of
> this section makes it possible to get a working keyboard with
> “setxkbmap fi fi”. People may try editing this file from the shell
> (see above for instructions), with the “nano” editor (and then run
> “setxkbamp fi fi”), or in a non-debian-installer environment, to make
> sure it does what people may expect from it.

I forgot the quotes. That should read:
    include "latin(type2)"

Otherwise, one gets this when running “setxkbmap fi fi”:
| Error loading new keyboard description


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