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Re: Bug#606840: Bug#606843: Installation-Report: English language with Finnish location, half of the keys stop working

Hi again,

debian-user-finnish@ added since I need some feedback on that
fi-specific issue. Context: broken debian installer with Finnish
keymap, see bugs #606840 and #606843.

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (12/12/2010):
> I know nothing about fi for now, probably a xkb-data bug; will try to
> look into what happened upstream since the version we're shipping.

I know kung^Wabout fi now.

One workaround:
 - Stick to 'American English' instead of 'Finnish'.
 - Validate that choice, you get 'setxkbmap us' or so.
 - On the next prompts, select 'Go back' until the menu appears. At the
   bottom of the menu, pick 'Execute a shell'.
 - Run this command: 'setxkbmap fi'.
 - Exit the terminal and go back to your installation process.

The (probable) actual bug: Looking into /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/fi
one can see that the section starting with “xkb_symbols "fi" {”,
there's no "include" besides kpdl and level3, meaning no “basic”
keys. So you only get the ones which are listed in that section. Which
breaks “setxkbmap fi fi” so badly.

AFAICT, adding “include latin(type2)” for example as the first line of
this section makes it possible to get a working keyboard with
“setxkbmap fi fi”. People may try editing this file from the shell
(see above for instructions), with the “nano” editor (and then run
“setxkbamp fi fi”), or in a non-debian-installer environment, to make
sure it does what people may expect from it.

This bug probably should be reassigned to xkb-data. An upload will
follow as soon as I get feedback from fi-knowledgeable people.


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