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Re: [Debian] Priorität vom Package at

On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 06:19:21AM +0200, Janto Trappe wrote:
> # apt-cache show at
> [...]
> Priority: important
> [...]
> Aus "Priority: important" schliesse ich, dass at unbedigt benoetigt
> wird. Es ist eben Wichtig. Wird at den ueberhaupt standardmaessig
> vom System bzw. von irgendeinem Packet benutzt? AFAIK nicht.


> Meine Frage also: Warum hat at die Priorität "important"?

aus dem debian-policy 2.2. Priorities:
          Important programs, including those which one would expect to
          find on any Unix-like system.  If the expectation is that an
          experienced Unix person who found it missing would say `What the
          F*!@<+ is going on, where is `foo'', it must be in `important'.
          This is an important criterion because we are trying to produce,
          amongst other things, a free Unix.  Other packages without which
          the system will not run well or be usable must also be here.
          This does _not_ include Emacs, the X Window System, TeX or any
          other large applications.  The `important' packages are just a
          bare minimum of commonly-expected and necessary tools.

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