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[Debian]: Helfer zur Beseitigung von dselect gesucht (auch nicht Programmierer!)

Hallo Leute,

alle die dselect lieber heute als morgen los werden wollen, haben nun
die einmalige Chance selber etwas dazu beizusteuern. Es gibt nun
kleine handliche Aufgaben, die mit teilw. geringem Zeitaufwand
bewältigt werden können.

Aber lest selber, was der Koordinator dazu im folgenden schreibt.

Wer sich Dinge lieber erst mal in deutscher Sprache diskutieren will,
kann sich ja an diese Liste oder mich persönlich wenden.

Danke und bis bald

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I will be very busy on other things I can't get out of for the next few
months, and I hate to see gnome-apt languishing in the meantime. I've
taken the time to write up a list of relatively small and discrete tasks
that need to be done; some of these are non-GUI C++, others are Gtk/Gnome,
others are suitable for non-programmers.

If you're interested, check out the complete info on
http://www.debian.org/~hp/gnome-apt.html, where I have more details on
getting the program and on each task. Most of these can be done in an
evening or two; lots of small and fun projects. 

If you're interested and get some time, just send me a patch! I'm also
happy to explain further what anything involves and discuss
implementation. Such discussion should probably go to

Here's a summary, again see the web page for more info.

Gtk/Gnome Coding Tasks:

 + Search dialog
 + Enhance Details/Info Display ("gdeb")
 + Bug Report Wizard
 + Rewrite column-order prefs GUI
 + Session management
 + Enhance sources.list editor

Other Coding:

 + Search backend (store a search spec, compare it to each package)
 + Extend libapt-pkg to write /etc/apt/sources.list
 + Set up i18n in libapt-pkg
 + Determine which packages are "new" after an update
 + Import/Export Package List


 + Draw a gnome-apt application icon
 + Draw an icon for "Replaces" dependency
 + Draw missing menu icons
 + Translate gnome-apt into your language
 + Splash Screen
 + Update credits in the About box
 + Write documentation (online help files)



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