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problemes amb PDF 1.7


a la wikipedia anglesa diu que pdf 1.7 té la qualificació d'estàndard,

The ISO 32000-1:2008 PDF open standard was published by the ISO on July 1,
2008. PDF is now a published ISO standard, titled Document
management?Portable document format?Part 1: PDF 1.7

el tema és que no el podem obrir ni amb okular, ni evince, ni pdf2ps, ni
gimp, ni res del que a debian testing, tot i haver instal·lat libgnupdf0

The GNU PDF Library provides functions to read and write PDF documents
conforming to the PDF 1.7 specification. This includes visualization
(retrieving of bitmaps with rasterized page contents) and interactive
features such as annotations and interactive forms. The library also 
support the generation of specific subsets of PDF conforming to the ISO
standards PDF/A,PDF/X and ISO 32000.

quan l'obrim es veu un pdf que diu:"To view the full contents of this
document, you need a later version of the PDF viewer. You can upgrade to
the latest version of Adobe Reader from

us hi heu trobat?


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