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Re: hyphen de català amb LaTeX

On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 03:42:31PM +0100, Ernest Adrogué wrote:
> Segons vaig llegir hi havia problemes amb la llicència, però ja
> ho han resolt.

Josep Monés va estar parlant amb Gonçal Badenes i ara el seu script es
GPL. Josep i jo pensavem que aquesta versió estaria guai per ficar en
openoffice i on calga. L'adjunte.
Jordi Mallach Pérez  --  Debian developer     http://www.debian.org/
jordi@sindominio.net     jordi@debian.org     http://www.sindominio.net/
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% Hyphenation patterns for Catalan.
% This is version 1.12
% Compiled by Gon\c{c}al Badenes and Francina Turon,
%       December 1991-January 1995.
% Copyright (C) 1991-2003 Gon\c{c}al Badenes
% -----------------------------------------------------------------
% This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
% of either
% 1) the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN
%	archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt; either
%	version 1 of the License, or any later version
% or
% 2) the GNU General Public License from
%	http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
%	This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
%	modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
%	as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
%	version 2 of the License, or (at your option) 
%	any later version.
%	This program is distributed in the hope that it will be
%	useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
%	See the GNU General Public License for more details.
%	You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
%	License along with this program; if not, write to the
%	Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
%	59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
% The user can freely chose among licenses 1) and 2)
% -----------------------------------------------------------------
%%% ====================================================================
%%%  @TeX-hyphen-file{
%%%     author          = "Gon\c{c}al Badenes",
%%%     version         = "1.12",
%%%     date            = "11 November 2003",
%%%     time            = "16:40:11 CET",
%%%     filename        = "cahyph.tex",
%%%     email           = "g.badenes@ieee.org",
%%%     codetable       = "ISO/ASCII",
%%%     keywords        = "TeX, hyphen, catalan",
%%%     supported       = "yes",
%%%     abstract        = "Catalan hyphenation patterns",
%%%     docstring       = "This file contains the hyphenation patterns
%%%                        for the catalan language",
%%%  }
%%% ====================================================================
%	Version 1.12 is distributed under dual license (lppl and GNU GPL).
%		The user is free to choose which one to use
%	Version 1.11 is identical to version 1.10 (issued on January 17,
%			1995) but distributed under lppl public license.
% The macros used were created for ghyph31.tex by Bernd Raichle (see the
% German hyphenation pattern files for further details)
% This patterns have been created using standard, conservative
% hyphenation rules for catalan. The results have refined running them
% through patgen. In that way, the number of hits has been increased.
% These rules produce no wrong patterns (Results checked against the
% ``Diccionari Ortogr\`afic i de Pron\'uncia'', Enciclop\`edia
% Catalana. The percentage of valid hyphen misses is lower than 1%
% Some of the patterns below represent combinations that never
% happen in Catalan. We have tried to keep them to a minimum.
% *** IMPORTANT ***
% \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin should be set to 2 and 2
% respectively. If you set them below these values incorrect breaks
% will happen (specially at the beginning of foreign words and words
% which begin with some prefixes).
% *** IMPORTANT ***
% Please report any problem you might have to the authors!!!
\message{Catalan Hyphenation Patterns `cahyphen' Version 1.11 <2003/07/15>}
\ifnum 0\ifx\inputlineno\undefined \else
        \ifnum\inputlineno<1 \else 1\fi\fi<1
% The following commands ensure correct \catcodes, \lccodes and
% \uccodes if your TeX implementations uses these character codes.
\catcode"C0=11 \lccode"C0="E0 \uccode"C0="C0    % \`A
\catcode"C7=11 \lccode"C7="E7 \uccode"C7="C7    % \c{C}
\catcode"C8=11 \lccode"C8="E8 \uccode"C8="C8    % \`E
\catcode"C9=11 \lccode"C9="E9 \uccode"C9="C9    % \'E
\catcode"CD=11 \lccode"CD="ED \uccode"CD="CD    % \'\I
\catcode"CF=11 \lccode"CF="EF \uccode"CF="CF    % \"\I
\catcode"D2=11 \lccode"D2="F2 \uccode"D2="D2    % \`O
\catcode"D3=11 \lccode"D3="F3 \uccode"D3="D3    % \'O
\catcode"DA=11 \lccode"DA="FA \uccode"DA="DA    % \'U
\catcode"DC=11 \lccode"DC="FC \uccode"DC="DC    % \"U
\catcode"E0=11 \lccode"E0="E0 \uccode"E0="C0    % \`a
\catcode"E7=11 \lccode"E7="E7 \uccode"E7="C7    % \c{c}
\catcode"E8=11 \lccode"E8="E8 \uccode"E8="C8    % \`e
\catcode"E9=11 \lccode"E9="E9 \uccode"E9="C9    % \'e
\catcode"ED=11 \lccode"ED="ED \uccode"ED="CD    % \'\i
\catcode"EF=11 \lccode"EF="EF \uccode"EF="CF    % \"\i
\catcode"F2=11 \lccode"F2="F2 \uccode"F2="D2    % \`o
\catcode"F3=11 \lccode"F3="F3 \uccode"F3="D3    % \'o
\catcode"FA=11 \lccode"FA="FA \uccode"FA="DA    % \'u
\catcode"FC=11 \lccode"FC="FC \uccode"FC="DC    % \"u
% Now execute the changes of the above \*codes for TeX 3.x
% Next we define some commands, which are used inside the patterns.
% To keep them local, we enclose the rest of the file in a group
% (The \patterns command globally changes the hyphenation trie!).
% Because we use ^^E4, ^^F6, ... in the following definition,
% we have to ensure that the catcodes of ^^E and ^^F are ok
% for TeX 2.  (The macro is not used for TeX 2.)
\catcode"0E=12 \catcode"0F=12
% ... and define a macro to allow the use of this file
% with TeX 2 and TeX 3.
\ifnum 0\ifx\inputlineno\undefined \else
        \ifnum\inputlineno<1 \else 1\fi\fi<1
  % for TeX 2:
  %   ignore the patterns with 8-bit characters
  % for TeX 3:
  %   patterns with umlauts are ok
% Attach vowel groups to left consonant
1ba 1be 1bi 1bo 1bu
1ca 1ce 1ci 1co 1cu
1da 1de 1di 1do 3du
1fa 1fe 1fi 1fo 1fu
1ga 1ge 1gi 1go 1gu
1ha 1he 1hi 1ho 1hu
1ja 1je 1ji 1jo 1ju
1la 1le 1li 1lo 1lu
1ma 1me 1mi 1mo 1mu
1na 1ne 3ni 1no 1nu
1pa 3pe 3pi 3po 1pu
1ra 1re 1ri 1ro 1ru
1sa 1se 1si 1so 1su
1ta 1te 1ti 1to 1tu
1va 1ve 1vi 1vo 1vu
1xa 1xe 1xi 1xo 1xu
1za 1ze 1zi 1zo 1zu
\n{1b^^e9} \n{1b^^ed} \n{1b^^f3} \n{1b^^fa} \n{1b^^e0} \n{1b^^e8} \n{1b^^f2}
\n{1c^^e9} \n{1c^^ed} \n{1c^^f3} \n{1c^^fa} \n{1c^^e0} \n{1c^^e8} \n{1c^^f2}
\n{1^^e7o} \n{1^^e7a} \n{1^^e7u}
\n{1^^e7^^f3} \n{1^^e7^^fa} \n{1^^e7^^e0} \n{1^^e7^^f2}
\n{1d^^e9} \n{1d^^ed} \n{1d^^f3} \n{1d^^fa} \n{1d^^e0} \n{1d^^e8} \n{1d^^f2}
\n{1f^^e9} \n{1f^^ed} \n{1f^^f3} \n{1f^^fa} \n{1f^^e0} \n{1f^^e8} \n{1f^^f2}
\n{1g^^e9} \n{1g^^ed} \n{1g^^f3} \n{1g^^fa} \n{1g^^e0} \n{1g^^e8}
\n{1g^^f2} \n{1g^^fc}
\n{1h^^e9} \n{1h^^ed} \n{1h^^f3} \n{1h^^fa} \n{1h^^e0} \n{1h^^e8} \n{1h^^f2}
\n{1j^^e9} \n{1j^^ed} \n{1j^^f3} \n{1j^^fa} \n{1j^^e0} \n{1j^^e8} \n{1j^^f2}
\n{1l^^e9} \n{1l^^ed} \n{1l^^f3} \n{1l^^fa} \n{1l^^e0} \n{1l^^e8} \n{1l^^f2}
\n{1m^^e9} \n{1m^^ed} \n{1m^^f3} \n{1m^^fa} \n{1m^^e0} \n{1m^^e8} \n{1m^^f2}
\n{1n^^e9} \n{1n^^ed} \n{1n^^f3} \n{1n^^fa} \n{1n^^e0} \n{1n^^e8} \n{1n^^f2}
\n{1p^^e9} \n{1p^^ed} \n{1p^^f3} \n{1p^^fa} \n{1p^^e0} \n{1p^^e8} \n{1p^^f2}
\n{1r^^e9} \n{1r^^ed} \n{1r^^f3} \n{1r^^fa} \n{1r^^e0} \n{1r^^e8} \n{1r^^f2}
\n{1s^^e9} \n{1s^^ed} \n{1s^^f3} \n{1s^^fa} \n{1s^^e0} \n{1s^^e8} \n{1s^^f2}
\n{1t^^e9} \n{1t^^ed} \n{1t^^f3} \n{1t^^fa} \n{1t^^e0} \n{1t^^e8} \n{1t^^f2}
\n{1v^^e9} \n{1v^^ed} \n{1v^^f3} \n{1v^^fa} \n{1v^^e0} \n{1v^^e8} \n{1v^^f2}
\n{1x^^e9} \n{1x^^ed} \n{1x^^f3} \n{1x^^fa} \n{1x^^e0} \n{1x^^e8} \n{1x^^f2}
\n{1z^^e9} \n{1z^^ed} \n{1z^^f3} \n{1z^^fa} \n{1z^^e0} \n{1z^^e8} \n{1z^^f2}
% Build legal consonant groups, leave other consonants bound to
% the previous group. This overrides part of the previous pattern
% group.
3l2la 1l2le 1l2li 3l2lo 1l2lu
1b2la 1b2le 1b2li 1b2lo 1b2lu
1b2ra 1b2re 1b2ri 1b2ro 1b2ru
1c2la 1c2le 1c2li 1c2lo 1c2lu
1c2ra 1c2re 1c2ri 1c2ro 1c2ru
1d2ra 1d2re 1d2ri 1d2ro 1d2ru
1f2la 1f2le 1f2li 1f2lo 1f2lu
1f2ra 1f2re 1f2ri 1f2ro 1f2ru
1g2la 1g2le 1g2li 1g2lo 1g2lu
1g2ra 1g2re 1g2ri 1g2ro 1g2ru
1p2la 1p2le 1p2li 1p2lo 1p2lu
1p2ra 1p2re 1p2ri 1p2ro 1p2ru
1t2ra 1t2re 1t2ri 1t2ro 1t2ru
1n2ya 1n2ye 1n2yi 1n2yo 1n2yu
\n{1l2l^^e9} \n{1l2l^^ed} \n{1l2l^^f3} \n{1l2l^^fa} \n{1l2l^^e0}
\n{1l2l^^e8} \n{1l2l^^f2}
\n{1b2l^^e9} \n{1b2l^^ed} \n{1b2l^^f3} \n{1b2l^^fa} \n{1b2l^^e0}
\n{1b2l^^e8} \n{1b2l^^f2}
\n{1b2r^^e9} \n{1b2r^^ed} \n{1b2r^^f3} \n{1b2r^^fa} \n{1b2r^^e0}
\n{1b2r^^e8} \n{1b2r^^f2}
\n{1c2l^^e9} \n{1c2l^^ed} \n{1c2l^^f3} \n{1c2l^^fa} \n{1c2l^^e0}
\n{1c2l^^e8} \n{1c2l^^f2}
\n{1c2r^^e9} \n{1c2r^^ed} \n{1c2r^^f3} \n{1c2r^^fa} \n{1c2r^^e0}
\n{1c2r^^e8} \n{1c2r^^f2}
\n{1d2r^^e9} \n{1d2r^^ed} \n{1d2r^^f3} \n{1d2r^^fa} \n{1d2r^^e0}
\n{1d2r^^e8} \n{1d2r^^f2}
\n{1f2l^^e9} \n{1f2l^^ed} \n{1f2l^^f3} \n{1f2l^^fa} \n{1f2l^^e0}
\n{1f2l^^e8} \n{1f2l^^f2}
\n{1f2r^^e9} \n{1f2r^^ed} \n{1f2r^^f3} \n{1f2r^^fa} \n{1f2r^^e0}
\n{1f2r^^e8} \n{1f2r^^f2}
\n{1g2l^^e9} \n{1g2l^^ed} \n{1g2l^^f3} \n{1g2l^^fa} \n{1g2l^^e0}
\n{1g2l^^e8} \n{1g2l^^f2}
\n{1g2r^^e9} \n{1g2r^^ed} \n{1g2r^^f3} \n{1g2r^^fa} \n{1g2r^^e0}
\n{1g2r^^e8} \n{1g2r^^f2}
\n{1p2l^^e9} \n{1p2l^^ed} \n{1p2l^^f3} \n{1p2l^^fa} \n{1p2l^^e0}
\n{1p2l^^e8} \n{1p2l^^f2}
\n{1p2r^^e9} \n{1p2r^^ed} \n{1p2r^^f3} \n{1p2r^^fa} \n{1p2r^^e0}
\n{1p2r^^e8} \n{1p2r^^f2}
\n{1t2r^^e9} \n{1t2r^^ed} \n{1t2r^^f3} \n{1t2r^^fa} \n{1t2r^^e0}
\n{1t2r^^e8} \n{1t2r^^f2}
\n{1n2y^^e9} \n{1n2y^^ed} \n{1n2y^^f3} \n{1n2y^^fa} \n{1n2y^^e0}
\n{1n2y^^e8} \n{1n2y^^f2}
% Vowels are kept together by the defaults
% We break here diphthongs and the like
a1a a1e a1o
e1a e1e e1o
i1a i1e i1o
o1a o1e o1o
u1a u1e u1o
\n{a1^^e9} \n{a1^^ed} \n{a1^^f3} \n{a1^^fa} \n{a1^^e0} \n{a1^^e8}
\n{a1^^f2} \n{a1^^ef} \n{a1^^fc}
\n{e1^^e9} \n{e1^^ed} \n{e1^^f3} \n{e1^^fa} \n{e1^^e0} \n{e1^^e8}
\n{e1^^f2} \n{e1^^ef} \n{e1^^fc}
\n{i1^^e9} \n{i1^^ed} \n{i1^^f3} \n{i1^^fa} \n{i1^^e0} \n{i1^^e8}
\n{i1^^f2} \n{i1^^ef} \n{i1^^fc}
\n{o1^^e9} \n{o1^^ed} \n{o1^^f3} \n{o1^^fa} \n{o1^^e0} \n{o1^^e8}
\n{o1^^f2} \n{o1^^ef} \n{o1^^fc}
\n{u1^^e9} \n{u1^^ed} \n{u1^^f3} \n{u1^^fa} \n{u1^^e0} \n{u1^^e8}
\n{u1^^f2} \n{u1^^ef} \n{u1^^fc}
\n{^^e91a} \n{^^e91e} \n{^^e91o}
\n{^^e91^^ef} \n{^^e91^^fc}
\n{^^ed1a} \n{^^ed1e} \n{^^ed1o}
\n{^^ed1^^ef} \n{^^ed1^^fc}
\n{^^f31a} \n{^^f31e} \n{^^f31o}
\n{^^f31^^ef} \n{^^f31^^fc}
\n{^^fa1a} \n{^^fa1e} \n{^^fa1o}
\n{^^fa1^^ef} \n{^^fa1^^fc}
\n{^^e01a} \n{^^e01e} \n{^^e01o}
\n{^^e01^^ef} \n{^^e01^^fc}
\n{^^e81a} \n{^^e81e} \n{^^e81o}
\n{^^e81^^ef} \n{^^e81^^fc}
\n{^^f21a} \n{^^f21e} \n{^^f21o}
\n{^^f21^^ef} \n{^^f21^^fc}
\n{^^ef1a} \n{^^ef1e} \n{^^ef1o} \n{^^ef1^^e9} \n{^^ef1^^ed}
\n{^^ef1^^f3} \n{^^ef1^^fa} \n{^^ef1^^e0}
\n{^^ef1^^e8} \n{^^ef1^^f2} \n{^^ef1i}
\n{^^fc1a} \n{^^fc1e} \n{^^fc1o} \n{^^fc1^^e9} \n{^^fc1^^ed}
\n{^^fc1^^f3} \n{^^fc1^^fa} \n{^^fc1^^e0}
\n{^^fc1^^e8} \n{^^fc1^^f2}
% We consider here i and u as semiconsonants
a1i2a a1i2e a1i2o a1i2u
a1u2a a1u2e a1u2i a1u2o a1u2u
e1i2a e1i2e e1i2o e1i2u
e1u2a e1u2e e1u2i e1u2o e1u2u
i1i2a i1i2e i1i2o i1i2u
i1u2a i1u2e i1u2i i1u2o i1u2u
o1i2a o1i2e o1i2o o1i2u
o1u2a o1u2e o1u2o o1u2i o1u2u
u1i2a u1i2e u1i2o u1i2u
u1u2a u1u2e u1u2i u1u2o u1u2u
\n{a1i2^^e9} \n{a1i2^^ed} \n{a1i2^^f3} \n{a1i2^^fa} \n{a1i2^^e0}
\n{a1i2^^e8} \n{a1i2^^f2}
\n{a1u2^^e9} \n{a1u2^^ed} \n{a1u2^^f3} \n{a1u2^^fa} \n{a1u2^^e0}
\n{a1u2^^e8} \n{a1u2^^f2}
\n{e1i2^^e9} \n{e1i2^^ed} \n{e1i2^^f3} \n{e1i2^^fa} \n{e1i2^^e0}
\n{e1i2^^e8} \n{e1i2^^f2}
\n{e1u2^^e9} \n{e1u2^^ed} \n{e1u2^^f3} \n{e1u2^^fa} \n{e1u2^^e0}
\n{e1u2^^e8} \n{e1u2^^f2}
\n{i1i2^^e9} \n{i1i2^^ed} \n{i1i2^^f3} \n{i1i2^^fa} \n{i1i2^^e0}
\n{i1i2^^e8} \n{i1i2^^f2}
\n{i1u2^^e9} \n{i1u2^^ed} \n{i1u2^^f3} \n{i1u2^^fa} \n{i1u2^^e0}
\n{i1u2^^e8} \n{i1u2^^f2}
\n{o1i2^^e9} \n{o1i2^^ed} \n{o1i2^^f3} \n{o1i2^^fa} \n{o1i2^^e0}
\n{o1i2^^e8} \n{o1i2^^f2}
\n{o1u2^^e9} \n{o1u2^^ed} \n{o1u2^^f3} \n{o1u2^^fa} \n{o1u2^^e0}
\n{o1u2^^e8} \n{o1u2^^f2}
\n{u1i2^^e9} \n{u1i2^^ed} \n{u1i2^^f3} \n{u1i2^^fa} \n{u1i2^^e0}
\n{u1i2^^e8} \n{u1i2^^f2}
\n{u1u2^^e9} \n{u1u2^^ed} \n{u1u2^^f3} \n{u1u2^^fa} \n{u1u2^^e0}
\n{u1u2^^e8} \n{u1u2^^f2}
\n{^^e91i2a} \n{^^e91i2e} \n{^^e91i2o} \n{^^e91i2u}
\n{^^e91u2a} \n{^^e91u2e} \n{^^e91u2o} \n{^^e91u2i} \n{^^e91u2u}
\n{^^ed1i2a} \n{^^ed1i2e} \n{^^ed1i2o} \n{^^ed1i2u}
\n{^^ed1u2a} \n{^^ed1u2e} \n{^^ed1u2o} \n{^^ed1u2i} \n{^^ed1u2u}
\n{^^f31i2a} \n{^^f31i2e} \n{^^f31i2o} \n{^^f31i2u}
\n{^^f31u2a} \n{^^f31u2e} \n{^^f31u2o} \n{^^f31u2i} \n{^^f31u2u}
\n{^^fa1i2a} \n{^^fa1i2e} \n{^^fa1i2o} \n{^^fa1i2u}
\n{^^fa1u2a} \n{^^fa1u2e} \n{^^fa1u2o} \n{^^fa1u2i} \n{^^fa1u2u}
\n{^^e01i2a} \n{^^e01i2e} \n{^^e01i2o} \n{^^e01i2u}
\n{^^e01u2a} \n{^^e01u2e} \n{^^e01u2o} \n{^^e01u2i} \n{^^e01u2u}
\n{^^e81i2a} \n{^^e81i2e} \n{^^e81i2o} \n{^^e81i2u}
\n{^^e81u2a} \n{^^e81u2e} \n{^^e81u2o} \n{^^e81u2i} \n{^^e81u2u}
\n{^^f21i2a} \n{^^f21i2e} \n{^^f21i2o} \n{^^f21i2u}
\n{^^f21u2a} \n{^^f21u2e} \n{^^f21u2o} \n{^^f21u2i} \n{^^f21u2u}
\n{^^ef1i2a} \n{^^ef1i2e} \n{^^ef1i2o} \n{^^ef1i2^^e9} \n{^^ef1i2^^ed}
\n{^^ef1i2^^fa} \n{^^ef1i2^^e0}
\n{^^ef1i2^^e8} \n{^^ef1i2^^f2} \n{^^ef1i2u}
\n{^^ef1u2a} \n{^^ef1u2e} \n{^^ef1u2o} \n{^^ef1u2^^e9} \n{^^ef1u2^^ed}
\n{^^ef1u2^^fa} \n{^^ef1u2^^e0}
\n{^^ef1u2^^e8} \n{^^ef1u2^^f2} \n{^^ef1u2i} \n{^^ef1u2u}
\n{^^fc1i2a} \n{^^fc1i2e} \n{^^fc1i2o} \n{^^fc1i2^^e9} \n{^^fc1i2^^ed}
\n{^^fc1i2^^fa} \n{^^fc1i2^^e0}
\n{^^fc1i2^^e8} \n{^^fc1i2^^f2} \n{^^fc1i2u}
\n{^^fc1u2a} \n{^^fc1u2e} \n{^^fc1u2o} \n{^^fc1u2^^e9} \n{^^fc1u2^^ed}
\n{^^fc1u2^^fa} \n{^^fc1u2^^e0}
\n{^^fc1u2^^e8} \n{^^fc1u2^^f2} \n{^^fc1u2i} \n{^^fc1u2u}
% Semiconsonants at the beginning of word
% .i2a .i2e .i2o .i2u .u2a .u2e .u2i .u2o
.hi2a .hi2e .hi2o .hi2u .hu2a .hu2e .hu2i .hu2o
% \n{.i2^^e9} \n{.i2^^ed} \n{.i2^^f3} \n{.i2^^fa} \n{.i2^^e0}
\n{.i2^^e8} \n{.i2^^f2}
% \n{.u2^^e9} \n{.u2^^ed} \n{.u2^^f3} \n{.u2^^fa} \n{.u2^^e0}
\n{.u2^^e8} \n{.u2^^f2}
\n{.hi2^^e9} \n{.hi2^^f3} \n{.hi2^^fa} \n{.hi2^^e0} \n{.hi2^^e8}
\n{.hu2^^e9} \n{.hu2^^ed} \n{.hu2^^f3} \n{.hu2^^e0} \n{.hu2^^e8}
% And now the crescent diphtongs
gu2a gu2e gu2i gu2o qu2a qu2e qu2i qu2o
\n{gu2^^e9} \n{gu2^^ed} \n{gu2^^f3} \n{gu2^^e0} \n{gu2^^e8}
\n{qu2^^e9} \n{qu2^^ed} \n{qu2^^f3} \n{qu2^^e0} \n{qu2^^e8}
\n{g^^fc2e} \n{g^^fc2^^e9} \n{g^^fc2^^ed} \n{g^^fc2^^e8} \n{g^^fc2i}
\n{q^^fc2e} \n{q^^fc2^^e9} \n{q^^fc2^^ed} \n{q^^fc2^^e8} \n{q^^fc2i}
% We add here some exceptions to the rules for diaeresis
a1isme. e1isme. i1isme. o1isme. u1isme.
a1ista. e1ista. i1ista. o1ista. u1ista.
a1um. e1um. i1um. o1um. u1um.
% a1us. e1us. i1us. o1us. u1us.
% disallow hyphenation on possible prefixes
.antihi2 .be2n .be2s .bi2s .ca2p .ce2l .cla2r .co2ll .co2n .co2r .de2s
.di2s .en3a .hipe2r .hiperm2n .in3ac .in3ad .in3ap .in3es .in3o
.inte2r .ma2l .mal1t2hus .pa2n .pe2r .pe3ri .pos2t .psa2l .rebe2s
.re2d .su2b .sub3o .subde2s .supe2r .tran2s
% .a2b .a2n .e2n .e2x .g2h .g2n .i2n .o2b .p2s
% Avoid hyphenation on some intra-word groups
g2no p2si p2se p2neu
\n{g2n^^f2} \n{p2s^^ed}
% Avoid wrong hyphenation on some foreign-origin words
.ch2 .th2
% .c2h2 .d2h2 .k2s2 .m2n2 .r2h2 .s2 .t2h2 .t2s2 .t2x2 .w2h2
ein1s2tein ru1t2herford ni2etz1sc2he
% Add some good patterns found by patgen
3exp 3nef 3nei 3pr 3ser a3ne a3ri bi3se des3ag des3ar des3av des3enc
e3ism e3le e3rio e3ris es3aco es3af es3ap es3arr es3as es3int
ig3n in3ex n3si o3ro qui3e s3emp s3esp sub3a ui3et
% Finally, add exception list
 cu-rie cu-ries gei-sha gei-shes goua-che goua-ches hip-py hip-pies
 hob-by hob-bies jeep jeeps joule joules klee-nex klee-nexs
 lar-ghet-ti lar-ghet-to lied lieder nos-al-tres
% me-nhir me-nhirs
 ro-yal-ties ro-yal-ty vos-al-tres whis-ky whis-kies
%% \CharacterTable
%%  {Upper-case    \A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\I\J\K\L\M\N\O\P\Q\R\S\T\U\V\W\X\Y\Z
%%   Lower-case    \a\b\c\d\e\f\g\h\i\j\k\l\m\n\o\p\q\r\s\t\u\v\w\x\y\z
%%   Digits        \0\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\9
%%   Exclamation   \!     Double quote  \"     Hash (number) \#
%%   Dollar        \$     Percent       \%     Ampersand     \&
%%   Acute accent  \'     Left paren    \(     Right paren   \)
%%   Asterisk      \*     Plus          \+     Comma         \,
%%   Minus         \-     Point         \.     Solidus       \/
%%   Colon         \:     Semicolon     \;     Less than     \<
%%   Equals        \=     Greater than  \>     Question mark \?
%%   Commercial at \@     Left bracket  \[     Backslash     \\
%%   Right bracket \]     Circumflex    \^     Underscore    \_
%%   Grave accent  \`     Left brace    \{     Vertical bar  \|
%%   Right brace   \}     Tilde         \~}

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