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Re: Possible resposta


s'aclarit tot. En Nikita té raó, no puc compilar res amb QT, ni amb res que 
estigui fet amb g++2.95 amb el g++3.1, ja que tenen l'abi diferent i son 

La seva resposta ha estat:

> Are you absolutely sure?
> That's means that if I want to compile a program that uses Qt I need to
> recompile all qt?
> But qt needs X, and I have compiled and linked qt without any problem,
> and X are compiled with gcc 2.95?

X libs are C, not C++. C ABI is not changed.
Qt is C++, so you will have to recompile it if you really need g++ 3.1
Probably you will need to keep 2.95-compiled version too, because if you 
will replace it, all binaries linked with 2.95-compiled version will stop 

You may just wait until Debian switches to 3.1 completely. This will 
happen after Woody release. For now, just use g++ 2.95

Així doncs, aquest cpa de setmana aquesta màquina treballarà molt ....

Gràcies per tot.


A Divendres 05 Juliol 2002 11:22, Leopold Palomo Avellaneda va escriure:
> Hola,
> vaig enviar un correu a la llista de debian-kde i he rebut aixó, que
> n'opineu?
> Leo
> ----------  Missatge transmès  ----------
> Subject: Re: Qt not found? how is possible?
> Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 12:57:22 +0400
> From: "Nikita V. Youshchenko" <yoush@cs.msu.su>
> To: debian-kde@lists.debian.org
> Libraries compiled by g++ 2.95 cannot be used with g++ 3.1, and libraries
> compiled by g++ 3.1 cannot be used with g++ 2.95. ABI is different.
> For now, debian packages are compiled with 2.95.

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