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WARNING: the latest boot floppies are broken

This is in reference to the boot floppies I just posted about earlier

a) busybox's init seems to be broken. If you switch to vt 2 (ALT+F2) you
can hit enter and manually start `dbootstrap'

b) the filename selection for drivers.tgz and rescue.bin when installing
those from mounted or nfs is broken. This is hardcoded, so wait till the
next upload tonight.

I have succesfully booted via nfsroot and installed on to a mounted nfs
partition (dbootstrap wont let you select an NFS partition for the root fs
to install to, you have to manually mount it via the shell). This is on
ultrasparc, so let me know about others. Note, I plan to remove RARP from
the kernels, and force putting all the info on the boot command, simply
because kernel RARP detects the IP wrongly (and PROM detects it

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