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Re: Debian and Enterprise 5500

Well the debian 2.1r2 cd booted fine when I had it use the 2.2.1 kernel, but this
system came with 2 of those qlogic(?) scsi controllers for the external drives
(no internal drives) and the image on the cd didn't have the module for them
compiled in. Unfortunately, my boss wants Solaris on it because we have a tape
array coming in that we are going to connect to it. It would have made a nice
debian box. 4 400Mhz processers, 2.25 gigs of ram, and 72 gigs of HD.

On the upside, I've been told that I get the next one. It'll only have one proc,
and not much ram, but it's better than nothing :) About the same time I'll get to
take over some of the older sparcs that are being replaced by the 5500.

He still hasn't done anything with the 1000e, so I'm tempted to take it back.

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